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Welcome to Cumulus-Cloud.net

Accelerate Through the Cloud

Cloud computing can be a new paradigm for corporate IT. Many people in the industry think so: analysts predicting rapidly growing markets. Traditional IT vendors are investing large sums of money in refactoring existing offerings to be “cloud” or “cloud ready”. The myriads of articles about cloud are a sure indicator for the hype.

Others compare Cloud Computing with ASP and foresee a similar fate: failure.

We at Cumulus-Cloud see the potential Cloud Computing has to advance corporate IT a great deal. But this will not happen by itself. With 15+ years experience in B2B software and SaaS product management we want to support Cloud vendors in designing winning offerings and provide our share to the success of Cloud Computing.

If this side does not provide you with the answers you are looking for, please drop us a line: E-Mail us.

"One needs to change the world one stone at a time"

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  • Make the list programm driven, reading from a survey page
  • Make the Click opportunity more visible.

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